Alternative Youth Programs
Adult Programs

The Cadet Corps alternative youth programs help young people improve their communities. We are a nonprofit organization based in Mahwah and provide service throughout the State of New Jersey. We are presently expanding in more states. 

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Leadership Program

The Cadet Corps Leadership Program is for the entire school year. Through placement in our leadership program, the selected candidates will be instructed on basic, intermediate and advance criminal justice and math courses. In addition to, physical fitness drills. This program will occur one weekend a month, two weeks in the summer months.

The objectives of the Leadership Program:

• To Introduce Cadets to the Criminal Justice Systems
• To Develop a Sense of Camaraderie, Pride, Honor, and Commitment (Sports)
• To Maintain an Environment Free of Drugs and Gangs


Teenage Student

Summer Camp

The Cadet Corps Summer-Camp is open to students who participated in the Motivation/Monitoring program. The summer-camp is a four week training session from 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday. The first four hours consists of a Math Boot Camp. The last four hours consists of drill and ceremony and physical fitness. There will also be The Cadet Corps in-service training courses.

Motivation/Monitoring Program

The school principal should utilize The Cadet Corps Motivation/Monitoring Program during the regular school schedule. When a student is assigned to the classroom, his or her participation in the program should become mandatory with parent/guardian permission.

The Cadet Corps staff will prepare the participating school designated Program Coordinator to supervise the program. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for employing The Cadet Corps objectives. These objectives include instructing students regarding respect, personal discipline and social behavior.

The principal will provide classroom personnel; a certified teacher, who will assist students with academic assignments during the motivation/monitoring sessions. The program coordinator will maintain a journal on each student assigned to the motivation/monitoring classroom, coordinate parent/teacher conferences and determine when students have been rehabilitated and recommend their return to normal classroom settings. This program is designed to undertake all the administrative duties regarding the in-school suspension program, which allows the school staff to concentrate on the school academic programs.

Our Athletic Programs are designed to attract children to our Alternative Programs, which are intended to enhance existing mentoring programs.

Our School Alternative Programs are FREE. We will prepare your staff to operate The Cadet Corps Programs, but we will have a One-time Assessment fee of $3,000 which will include the following:

1. Meet with administrator(s) and discuss potential problem(s) in the school district.

2. Tour problem area(s) of concern.

3. Make recommendations and prepare a plan of execution for administrators.

All checks will be made to The Cadet Corps Corporation.